Core – x3

10 single leg vsnaps

10 vtucks

10 hollow rocks

30 sec plank

Press in SplitVideo

3 Sets of 3

As a refresher on the movement…

On the press in split, we are stepping out to our receiving position, followed by 3 strict presses on each set. This affords us the chance to dial in our footwork at the static position, finding our balance and spread load between the two feet. Weight is secondary here to confirming positions – build steadily, but only to a moderate load.

Tall JerkVideo

3 Sets of 3

On the tall jerk, our main focus is speed. Whereas in the press in split that preceded this movement confirms our positioning in the receiving position, this movement trains our speed to get there.

Press the bar to just above forehead level, and then imagine that being our new ceiling. The bar can’t move any higher. Instead of pushing the bar any higher, we drop beneath the bar, effectively driving ourself beneath it.

This should be far less loading (at least to start) than the press in split. Start with an empty barbell and only increase in small increments if we feel we are moving at our best.

Pausing Split JerkVideo

3 Sets of 3

Two pauses here – in the drip (of the dip drive), and on the catch (in the split). Focusing on rigidity and stability throughout the movement, we are looking to steadily build to 73% for three sets of two repetitions.


Emom x10

1 Clean n jerk

70%— 90%

Rest 5 min

5 min Emom

1 Front squat

(Build to 90% 1 rm front squat)



Kettlebell Swings (70/53)

Box Jump Overs (30″/24″)

Front Squats (135/95)