Deload week

It’s been a strong 5 weeks. Time to give our bodies and minds a period to recover. Even if we didn’t compete in the open this year, by doing the workouts you performed at a higher level. We are reducing our volume by about 60% for the next week, this is s heavy deload due to what’s ahead.

For those who qualified for the AGOLQ well be entering s stretch where every training day must count.

For those not involved in the AGOLQ it’s time to turn the page

And get strong

Grunt work starts Monday the 1st.


Core x3

10 hollow rocks

10 sit-up getup

10 vsnaps


Pausing back squats

5 sets x3

1 65% of 1 rm

2 70%

3 , 4&5 75%


3 Rounds:

400 Meter Run

30 Wallballs (20/14)

400 Meter Run

30 DB Hang Clean and Jerks (50/35)

Only effort today, and in line with our de-load week mentality, we are not looking to set a world record here. Let’s move with a purpose, but the larger aim today is a refinement of our pacing. Better to pace just a bit too much here, than to find our first round was our fastest with a steep drop-off.

On the DB hang clean and jerks, alternate every 5 repetitions.