Max Dumbbell Bench Press (70’s/50’s)

12 Chest Supported Rows Dumbbell Rows

12 Lateral Box Step-Ups (6/side) – Video

Rest 2:00 between.

On the DB bench press, we are looking to use the above load only if we can find at least 8 repetitions per round. We want a challenging weight here, but not to the tune of 3-5 reps per set.

On the following chest supported rows, this implies that our chest is propped against an elevated bench. Stacking the legs of a bench on plates, we can get some weight off the ground so that at extension, the dumbbells aren’t touching the ground. For this movement, we are looking to be completely horizontal.

On the final movement, we have lateral box step-ups. Here, athlete’s choice on loading and height. We are looking for six straight repetitions, completed with sound technique, before transitioning sides. Only load if we are feeling very strong in the movement.


3 Sets of 3 – Tall Jerk – Video

4 Sets of 2 – Pausing Split Jerk – Video

5 Sets of 1 – Split Jerk

Our first two movements are primers for the third, where we will be building to a heavy single for the day. All repetitions are taken from the rack, or blocks.


For Time:

21 Front Squats, 21 KB Swings, 400m Run

15 Front Squats, 15 KB Swings, 400m Run

9 Front Squats, 9 KB Swings, 400m Run

Rx Barbell – 135/95

Rx Kettlebell – 70/53

Stimulus wise, we are looking for a loading that we are very confident we can complete that first round unbroken on. If our personal strategy calls for a break in the 21’s, we can do so, but if we had to, we are confident we could complete it unbroken. We are looking for all athletes to complete all sets with at most, a single break. This will preserve the conditioning stimulus.