Warmup / conditioning

3 Rounds,

200 Meter Run

400 Meter Run

600 Meter Run

Work / Rest for each interval is equal.

Score is total time to completion.

As an example, let’s say an athlete runs the 200 meter first interval in :40s. He or she would then rest :40s before starting the 400 meter run. If it takes the athlete 1:45 to run the 400m effort, he or she would rest 1:45 before they start their 600m.

Muscle up stamina


40 ft 1 arm walking lunge 70/50

3 ring mu

Rds 1+ 3 right

Rds 2+4 left

Strength x4

Stamina squats 75% of 3 rep max

7 back squats (unbroken )