Silverback Primer

3 Sets For Quality:

5 Tempo Ring Rows

10 Front Rack Reverse Lunges

:20 Second Front Squat Hold


Tempo Front Squat

On the 1:30 x 7 Sets:

1 Tempo Rep


• 10 Second Negative

• No Pause in Bottom

• Full Speed Stand

Push Press

4 Sets of 6

Rest 2 Minutes Between Sets


• This is week 2 of 4 of this push press progression

• As a reminder, the weight stays the same across all 4 sets

• Let’s aim to build on last week’s loading, adding 2-4%

• For Example:

   * Last Week’s Weight: 200#

   * This Week’s Weight: 204-208#

• The 6 reps come from the rack and are meant to be completed unbroken each set


Squat Clean Thruster

On the Minute x 10:

25 Double Unders

1 Squat Clean Thruster



• We’ll build to a Heavy Squat Clean Thruster today across the 10 sets

• Record all 10 weights used, with your heaviest weight being the final score

Squat Clean Thruster

• Plan out your weights beforehand so you can quickly change out weights before the next minute’s interval begins

• Aim to build by a little bit on each set if you hit the weight, even if only by 5 pounds

• There is no re-bend of the legs allowed when pressing the weight overhead

Double Unders

• Adjust the rep number to enable you to complete the 25 reps in under 30 seconds