Maritimes in Motion Workout #1 – “First Response”

12 minute Ascending Ladder



Air Squats
Butterfly Situps
DB Snatch (alternating)

Move Hard

Air Squats
Butterfly Situps
Ground to Overhead

Just Move

Air Squats
Butterfly Situps
Plank Up-Downs

The workout starts with the athlete standing tall. They will complete 2 air squats, 2 situps, and then 2 DBS/G2OH/PUD, 4 air squats, 4 situps, 4 DBS/G2OH/PUD, 6/6/6, 8/8/8, as high as they can go in 12 minutes.

For the air squats hip crease below parallel and stay up tall for each rep.

For the situps touch behind your head with both hands and then touch your toes with both hands.

For the DB snatch alternate arms each rep. Both heads of the DB touch the ground and brought overhead in one motion before locking out your arm overhead. Can switch hands below your face or on the ground for the DB

For the ground to overhead move your object overhead in one movment. Object touches the ground for each rep and arms locked out overhead for to finish the rep.

Plank Up-Downs start in a plank position on your elbows and then you move from elbows to hands and back down to complete the rep. Can be done from your toes or knees.