Heyyy Team!

Wanted to give you all a quick update on our current cycle and what’ll come next!

We are working Gymnasty –  3 focus areas (Strict Gymnastics, Gymnastic Capacity and Fartlek Intervals) The word “fartlek” is a Swedish term which means “speed play.” It is a training method that blends continuous (endurance) training with interval (speed) training. … Unlike intervals, where you stop or walk for recovery, Fartlek is continuous running. Fartlek running involves varying your pace throughout your workout. we’ll continue to build on these and see some retests coming up.

This phase will last 5 weeks until November 15th. After that, we’ll hit a post-cycle deload week before getting into Racehorse on November 23rd!



Strength x5 sets

1 pause Push press 2sec in dip

1 push press



Squat clean thruster

Emom x10

Start at 50% of max jerk

Add weight each set build to heavy

Wod 16 min amrap

70/50 cal buy in row / bike 50/35

Time remaining

15 box jump over

12 CTB pull-ups

9 double dB power cleans 50/35