Getting Started


 People new to CrossFit who wish to join CrossFit Quispamsis  classes must complete our Fundamentals program. If  you  have completed Fundamentals or do Crossfit on your own and wish to be assessed through our movement screening process then contact us at

Participants in our Fundamentals courses learn the essential movements for participation in CrossFit while developing a strength and fitness base such that they can then perform the WOD’s (Workout of the day).

The Fundamentals are three training sessions which will teach you all the basic movements commonly encountered in Crossfit Quispamsis workouts. This is your opportunity to become familiar with the movements and “ramp up” to the intensity of the group classes.  We limit our Fundamentals classes to only six participants per class in order to provide the most personal attention as you learn. Our goal is not to just take you through the movements, but to help you understand fitness.

SIGN UP FOR FUNDAMENTALS NOW!!  Message Heather to set up a time.

For the person who endeavors to take on CrossFit without the guidance of a certified CrossFit trainer, the CrossFit Start Here page recommends three distinct approaches, depending on your fitness experience and available facilities.

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