Listed below are the new rates as of May 1st, 2013.  There is also an option to purchase a 3, 6, or 12 month membership at discounted rates.

Membership Type


Monthly Unlimited




Emergency Response




Same Household


Single session

$15 (including tax)

Fundamentals + First Month Unlimited




*Price before taxes*




(+ tax)


With tax




(+ tax)


With tax


(after tax)

1 Month



3 Month







6 Month







12 Month







26 thoughts on “RATES

  1. How are the punch cards working in conjunction with the fundamentals? Instead of the $165 for Fundamentals and the first month free, do they get the Fundamentals and 10 punch pass for the $165. Shift workers are interested in how this will work.
    Also are you going to be offering a punch pass for the boot camps as there are some shift workers who just can’t make it to every class but really really want to join.

  2. Are there still spots in your bootcamp. Also I work shift work so can you use a punch card with the bootcamp.

  3. Hey Heather!

    I guess Ryan has got in touch with you about doing CrossFit :) I will be in Moncton for school but will definitely be doing single visits on my days off! Can’t wait to see your gym!

    Aimee LeBlanc

  4. I’m a CFSJ member andhave afriend who is considering trying a Bootcamp class at CFQ. When does your next class start?

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